Case Illustration: Fibula Staged Trimalleolar Fracture

IlluminOss was used to treat a 79-year-old female patient who suffered a fall at home and sustained a trimalleolar fracture with ankle dislocation. The patient suffers from co-morbidities including osteoporosis, compromised soft tissue in the lower extremity, and metastatic breast cancer. The patient was treated initially with a reduction of the ankle joint and application of an external fixator. The fibula was fixed percutaneously by using an IlluminOss 9mm x 160mm implant and 2 syndesmotic screws, a medial malleolus screw, and Steinman pins for ankle stability. External fixator and Steinmann pin removal planned for 6 weeks post-op.

Trimalleolar Fracture
Fracture with implant x-ray
Implant & Bone X-Ray

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